About us

About us

Ferroni Transmission s.r.l. presents its programme of gearboxes for transmitting motion and power to agricultural machinery and for various other applications. Besides the standard versions which are shown below, we also offer personalised solutions and versions made to the customer’s project. Today we serve hundreds and hundreds of customers all over the world and the excellent quality of our products have led to the evolution of our brand into Ferroni Gear Gearboxes IT


Our history

Ferroni Transmission production is characterized for over 30 years of activity in the production of speed reducers and gearboxes trasmissions. Thanks to the experience it has acquired it knows what materials are best to guarantee the maximum duration and reliability of a Ferroni Trasmission product.


Our production

We are specialized in the production of gearboxes, angular gearboxes, multipliers, speed variators, free wheels, universal shafts, couplings, cruises, clutches, pawl limiters..
Our design is designed to guarantee the best quality, reliability and durability on all FERRONI TRANSMISSION products.
Our products are fundamental additions to machines like:

  • Tractors, motocultivators, power mowers, tractors e rotavator, post hole diggers
  • Machines for soil preparation, sowing and fertilization
  • Machine for reclamation and deforestation
  • Harvest machines, agricultural solutions, construction solutions